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”After the ageing process with its unavoidable consequences has been accepted with a serene mind (...) it gives full meaning to the human existence. An elderly person needs understanding and support." John Paul II.

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Terapia zapachem

Phototherapy has been used for years for various diseases. The treatment with light has a very positive influence on elderly people who spend much of their time inside premises. The effect of light ensures strengthening of bones and may result in eliminating the symptoms of depression. Light is also used in the treatment of disturbances of sleeping pattern and of biological rhythm.

Exposure to bright light may help in the treatment of elderly persons suffering from depression as follows from the research carried out by Dutch scientists. A team of psychiatrists and neurologists from a few universities in Holland have found out that the therapy with bright light can reduce the effects of depression in elderly persons. This type of treatment considerably improved the mood and reduced the sleep disturbances in elderly persons.

Phototherapy does not produce any side effects, and the treatment with light can, in many cases, result in a significant reduction of the amount of pain-killing medications taken.

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