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”After the ageing process with its unavoidable consequences has been accepted with a serene mind (...) it gives full meaning to the human existence. An elderly person needs understanding and support." John Paul II.

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Bath with hydromassage

Hydromassage or water therapy is one of the oldest and most natural treatment methods in the world. Doctors and therapists maintain that hydromassage lasting a few minutes has not only a relaxing and prophylactic effect on the organism of elderly people but can also eliminate long-term and troublesome ailments affecting the spine, joints, can improve the mood, cures migraine and sleeplessness. Taking regular warm baths can very positively affect the health and is also recommended by doctors as a form of therapy for pain, stiffness of joints and muscles, rheumatism, diabetes and other diseases.

The basic health benefits resulting from hydromassage include:

  • relief in tension, rheumatic pains and fibromyalgia – hydrotherapy combined with heat therapy and immersion in water help the body reduce tension, eliminate stiffness in muscles and ensure that blood circulates more freely,
  • sleep improvement – the warmth reduces the internal temperature of the human body thus allowing to have natural relaxation. In contrast with sleep inducing medications, circulation of water and the warmth of SPA bath tub ensures relaxation and elimination of tension in the body. A mere couple of minutes of warm bath can eventually result in a more relaxing, efficient and healthy sleep,
  • aid in Type 2 diabetes – the latest research described in New England Journal of Medicine prove that using SPA bath regularly is beneficial to persons suffering from diabetes. Most diabetic persons have problems with body weight and circulation. The research has shown a drop in the level of blood sugar in such persons.
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