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”After the ageing process with its unavoidable consequences has been accepted with a serene mind (...) it gives full meaning to the human existence. An elderly person needs understanding and support." John Paul II.

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Relaxation and rehabilitation massage

Masaż rehabilitacyjny

Massage has been known for ages. For a long time, mankind has been taking advantage of its beneficial properties. Not only because massage heals the body. It also has a beneficial influence on the human mind. It is natural to assume that elderly people are not as sensitive to stress as the young but it is not true. Elderly people face, in the same way, the problems of everyday existence, yet their bodies are affected by the consequences of diseases and stress of their whole life.

There are numerous positive effects that massage can produce in elderly people:

  • eliminating stress and tension,
  • positive influence on the immune system,
  • elimination of pain.

The immediate effect of massage is the reduction of tension in muscles, improvement of circulation and the reduction of inflammatory conditions. Massage also helps elderly people in dealing with their own physical and emotional problems by remaining in contact with other people thus helping to eliminate the feeling of isolation and anxiety.

Therapeutic massage for elderly people can be combined with aromatherapy.

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