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”After the ageing process with its unavoidable consequences has been accepted with a serene mind (...) it gives full meaning to the human existence. An elderly person needs understanding and support." John Paul II.

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Infrared Sauna

IR Sauna makes use of ceramic infrared radiators. The system of deep infrared body penetration may safely be used by elderly persons. IR Sauna emits heat very similar to the thermal energy from the sun and also the one generated by the human body while burning the energy-supplying substances for the purpose of maintaining the appropriate temperature.

Heating with infrared rays produces healing effects in numerous ailments affecting elderly persons.

  • reduces pains caused by various factors (stress, overstrain, rheumatism, degenerative joint disease, sciatic neuralgia, pains caused by inflammation, anaemia, neuralgia)
  • increases extensibility collagen tissues (in the case of damaged ligaments, joint capsules, tendons which have become cicatrized, thickened or shrunk)
  • reduces stiffness of the joints
  • increases blood flow

Infrared sauna is an excellent substitute of traditional sauna, safe for elderly people. It purifies the subcutaneous tissues and the skin from useless toxins thus making it clean and healthy. The infrared radiation makes the body remove not only water but also fat, cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxic compounds.

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